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Optilingua International - Voice Over Agency

Voice Over AgencyOptiVoices is a subsidiary of the Optilingua Group. We are an agency that operates in the area of language services. We have 35 years experience in the industry and more than 80 branches throughout Europe. In addition we co-operate with professional experts from around the globe. We give you more than 3500 specialised speakers, translators, proof-readers and transcribers!


Our professionalism is based on a multiplicity of strengths, which we have developed over the years:

  • Quality: Many years of professional experience and with it, our superior industry knowledge.
  • Variety: A network of around 3,500 language professionals, from different fields of expertise.
  • Speed: Inquiries and orders are dealt with easily and conveniently by your preferred choice of communication. Our priority service shortens service times even further.
  • Flexibility: Strict observance of delivery deadlines and globally efficient deployment of personnel, allows for the best possible customer service experience.
  • Experience: Optilingua has been active in the field of language services for over 35 years - this long company history pays dividends all round.


Do you want to optimise your international communication?

Thanks to our staff, Optilingua is able to offer precise language services tailored to  your business, whether it is voice over, translation, transcription, subtitles or the full service from A to Z. You can also find an Optilingua agency, in many countries throughout Europe.