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Conquer international markets with foreign language subtitles for videos

Foreign Language Subtitles for VideosOnly a decade ago, small and medium-size enterprises regarded the international markets as too great a challenge and limited themselves to easily attainable same-language markets. In the meantime, however, niche products were being distributed worldwide through the internet. Many enterprises are now daring to step onto the international stage and are thus opening up new markets.

News spreads like wildfire via companies' own websites or social networks and marketing also offers a valuable instrument in this respect – video clips. Last year, videos were the most popular file format in social networks and their importance is becoming clear within the area of marketing and many other fields.

Foreign language subtitles are a cost-effective alternative to new voice recordings and can also make product presentations and manuals accessible to people with hearing impairments. On websites that are available in several languages, the videos can be selected with subtitles in the appropriate language and in this way the new target group will be fully informed.


Videos spread virally online beyond borders.

A funny advertising idea or a successful presentation can be used in other countries with little expenditure and explanatory videos with subtitles are also an important tool for enterprises and public institutions. A complex product presentation can spread virally over the net by using multilingual subtitles and the technical effort for this, remains within manageable limits. In our networked world, only the language barrier exists as a border and therefore by inserting subtitles in the respective target language, videos can be prepared for the international market within a few days. Where the use of professional dubbing actors would be an expensive and lengthy process, subtitles in different languages are thus an economically efficient adjustment measure, which enables fast publication.


We offer multilingual subtitles as a service amongst other things for the following kinds of video and possible uses:

  • Exhibition videos
  • Product presentations
  • Training videos
  • Webinars
  • Videos for foreign residents and migrants
  • Videos for multilingual websites
  • Operating instructions