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GPS devices/navigation devices

Voice-overs for GPS devices

Voice-overs for GPS devices Foreign Language RecordingGPS (Global Positioning System) devices, also known as navigation devices, are systems used to determine a position with the aid of satellites, which provide a mobile end device or a GPS receiver with information over a network of satellites, in terms of geographical position and time.

GPS devices are terrestrial positioning systems, which employ extremely advanced technology. This technology was actually designed and developed by the US defence ministry for military purposes, but has gradually been made available for other specialist applications and for private use. A satellite receiver is needed for the technology to work and anyone with a GPS positioning device is able to determine exactly where they are – thanks to 24 satellites in orbit and three reserve satellites, positioned in six parallel orbital planes, each with an inclination of 55º with respect to the equator.   


GPS devices include the following:

  • Traditional devices for outdoor use. The advantages of these devices are that they are robust and have a long battery life. The high-end devices can determine positions very precisely
  • Mobile devices used in cars or motorcycles
  • Smartphones etc. These devices have now become the most frequently used types of GPS devices


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