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Digital marketing

Professional services in the field of multilingual voice-overs (audio recordings) for digital marketing

services multilingual voice-overs audio recordings digital marketing LondonCorporate videos aim to showcase a company and describe the services and/or the product range offered.

Outstanding skills together with industry and market know-how are essential for good or convincing results in the field of digital marketing. Not only can specialisation in the choice of marketing strategies be profitable, it should also act as a stimulus for consumers. In fact, marketing is one area that has experienced the greatest success in modern society.

Digital marketing makes use of applications, technologies, and platforms such as websites, emails, apps, and social networks (social media marketing).

One of the tools most often used in digital marketing is audiovisual online production. Such productions can be effective and of extremely high quality, which is why every enterprise should use them, to showcase itself or its products.

Audiovisual online production is based on videos, which can be viewed by users on channels such as YouTube, Vimeo and other social platforms. Audiovisual online production offers many advantages such as simplicity when capturing a message, which can be transmitted most effectively using videos. In fact, a video that does not only contain images but also includes spoken text, can transmit information much more efficiently and clearly and therefore become more readily fixed in the minds of consumers.   

Another advantage of audiovisual online production is the ease with which videos can be quickly retrieved over the internet. This allows users to replay videos, regardless of their location and their particular situation.

Nowadays there are multilingual video recordings of courses, podcasts, seminars, congresses, and webinars but there are also a huge number of multimedia productions on social platforms.

The social networks most frequently recommended to companies for recording online videos, are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each company should aim to draw up a list of the social networks that are of interest and develop a strategy for social media marketing, with the aim of communicating more effectively on the internet.


With OptiVoices we can offer you multilingual voice-over services for audiovisual production for use in the field of digital marketing and for other language services.

We have over 35 years’ experience in the foreign language sector and over 80 branches throughout Europe. We work with professionals from all over the world and you can rely on our network of over 3500 specialist speakers, translators, editors, and transcribers to meet your objectives and goals.

For more information you can submit a non-binding query to us or request a free quote.