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Voice-overs for corporate videos

Multilingual voice-overs (audio recordings) for corporate videos

Voice-overs for corporate videos LondonA corporate video is like a brochure with images and text, in which movement and language are used to present information in a vivid way. The increasing availability of videos as instruments of information and communication, especially on the internet, means more and more companies are turning to the production of short but concise videos to present the characteristics of a product, the benefits of a service or the identity of a trademark.  

Care must be taken when producing a corporate video as although videos can have a positive and supportive effect on a company’s profile, they can also have a negative effect if there are shortcomings in terms of execution and the providing of information. The professional production of a corporate video can ensure that the short film is a coherent reflection of what the company is seeking to transmit and that the company’s message is shown consistently with a sufficient degree of quality.

Corporate videos are ideally suited for advertising and for divulging information about the company – regardless of whether they are shot conservatively in keeping with the company’s corporate style, or creatively. First and foremost, a corporate video must be effective – for all of the company’s stakeholders, customers, suppliers and, last but not least, employees. The video must be capable of offering a tangible benefit to the company in terms of image, visibility, transparency, and even sales figures. The corporate video must transmit interesting information in an attractive and original manner, but which is in keeping with the company and its product range. Here, attention should be directed towards the company’s existing and potential customers. In order to achieve this, corporate videos are usually developed using effects and techniques that are typical in the movie industry.


International marketing of corporate videos

If the corporate video is broadcast on YouTube first, further marketing options are available, for example:

  • Releasing the video on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • Embedding the video in the company blog;
  • Promoting the new corporate video in a company newsletter;
  • Making the video available in a media library on the company’s own website.


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