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Multimedia production

Foreign language speakers for multimedia production

Foreign language speakers for multimedia productionMultimedia content’ and ‘Multimedia production’ refer to an environment where several different mass communication media are used such as video, photos, music, and text. For example, a multimedia encyclopaedia (as opposed to a conventional encyclopaedia in book form), enables entries to be supplied not just with an explanation in text format, but with images, explanatory drawings, short films, sounds, audio commentaries and much more.

In the last few years, more and more support solutions and digital technologies have been developed, which are available to practically anyone using a smartphone or a tablet for example. These technological tools have not only encouraged the widespread use of multimedia content, but have made it indispensable. Multimedia products enable the dissemination of anything from information and notifications, to more creative content.   

Multimedia production is especially suited to presentations, catalogues, and courses covering a wide range of topics. They may contain widely varying types of messages: publicity, or up-to-date, technical, or interactive information etc.

One specific job in this sector is that of a multimedia designer. A multimedia designer is responsible for multimedia production through the development of texts, images, and graphics for print media as well as moving images and audio files for multimedia products. Multimedia designers have comprehensive specialist knowledge of different production techniques, used in printing and digital products.


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