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Foreign language audio production for e-learning products

Foreign language audio production for e-learning products Learning per se and the technical tools used to aid teaching have changed enormously over the decades and are becoming ever more advanced.

Up to a few decades ago, learning was still predominantly based on the use of memory aids whereas today, technological methods are preferred in which the logical and rational capacities of an individual are strongly stimulated.

More and more e-learning products with multimedia-based and internet-based technological functions aimed at optimising the quality of learning have been introduced and they are improving access to resources and services and facilitating an exchange with the virtual community.

The e-learning method offers a learning programme ‘by remote access’  and is used in a wide range of subjects, especially in foreign language learning, where ongoing training and contact with native speakers is necessary. Ongoing training, important for entrepreneurs, can be made easier through multimedia-based ‘distance learning’; this particularly applies to companies that have locations in different countries with their corresponding national languages. 

E-learning can be incorporated into ‘blended learning’ (also known as ‘integrated learning’) in which the online components can be combined with conventional educational methods; events in lecture halls, telephone support, workshops, seminars etc. The ‘blended learning’ format, in particular, has been developed with the learning of foreign languages in mind, but is applicable to all areas of university education.

Recently, the related concepts of ‘web learning and ‘web training’ have come about, which involve anything that is learned over the internet. Here, the emphasis is more on ‘networked’ learning (‘virtual teamwork’) and not so much on the ‘electronic’ or ‘virtual’ components of learning.

We offer multilingual audio production services for training courses, HTML pages, 2D or 3D animations, audio reports, video reports, simulations, interactive exercises, and tests and our services can be developed in a wide variety of formats.


With OptiVoices we can offer you professional voice-over services for multilingual e-learning products and other language services.

We have over 35 years’ experience in the foreign language sector. We have expert collaborators or native speakers in over 80 branches throughout Europe and we work with professionals from all over the world. This means that you can rely on our network of over 3,500 specialist speakers, translators, editors, and transcribers.

For more information you can submit a non-binding query to us or request a free quote.