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Audio productions for museum guides

An audio guide is a useful, technologically sophisticated device, which has long been in use at many excavation sites, museums, or popular tourist sites.

Audio productions for museum guides London UKAudio guides enable users to listen to recorded audio commentaries on an electronic, portable device. They are primarily used in the tourism sector, as they enable users to observe exhibits, i.e. works of art, archaeological finds etc. while listening to an audio description at the same time, without having their attention drawn away from the exhibit.

Using a portable audio guide during a visit to a site of historical, archaeological, cultural, or artistic interest can offer more individual flexibility, than being shown around by a human guide. Visitors can go from one exhibit or site to another when they like, they can ignore exhibits that they find less interesting or replay explanations for exhibits or sites. They can make use of audio support if they want to look around by themselves, in the order that they want. The content of audio guides is often available in many languages and can be enhanced with sound effects – music, interviews with artists, or cultural commentators, even in relation to other excavation sites or exhibitions – and much more.

The latest innovation in audio guides is currently still in the trial phase: it consists of a guide that is linked to a QR code on the side of an artwork, and each visitor can pass on their personal comments interactively to other visitors; hence this type of audio guide is equipped with a ‘social QR code’. The device is currently being tested in several museums.


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