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Multilingual audio production for TV ads and radio ads

Multilingual audio production for TV ads and radio ads Voice Over LondonAdvertisements that are broadcast on television and over the radio are very important for the economy, because the advertising messages influence the purchasing habits of consumers.

The length of the advertisements differs according to the broadcast method used; they can be 30 seconds to over a minute long. The advertising slogans usually contain spoken messages, which can be combined with a video – depending on whether they are broadcast over the radio or on television.

Both audio and video messages must be concise, so they stay in the minds of consumers. The information on the product being advertised must be summarised within a short space of time, but consumers should not only absorb this product information, they should also be able to register the information as something that is particularly advantageous. Here, the aim is to turn prospective customers into potential customers. The development of the ad is important, as it must give the product being promoted a ‘personality’, and a profile, and should create awareness. The development should provide information about the use of a product and should encourage the consumer to buy the product.

During the production of an advertisement, it is important to choose a language that is best suited to the particular market for which the product advertising is being developed – i.e. target-group-oriented. Expressivity, a clear message, good diction, speed adjusted to the context and a professional recording without external interferences, are the elements which, in combination with a well-crafted text, are indispensable for a successful campaign and which should evoke an attractive and outstanding image in the mind of the end consumer. After all, an ad is produced to present the product in the best possible light – in the same way that a good actor or actress can turn a film into a success.


With OptiVoices we can offer you multilingual speaker services in the field of radio and TV advertising.

We have over 35 years’ experience in the foreign language sector and over 80 branches throughout Europe. We work with experts from all over the world, who bring their professional knowledge to bear in virtually any language. You can rely on our network of over 3,500 specialist speakers, translators, editors, and transcribers.

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