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Telephone messages

Multilingual messages for answering machines

Multilingual telephone messages for answering machines London UKAnswering machines react automatically to telephone calls made outside business hours or when the person being called is away. The messages will vary in terms of familiarity depending on whether they are meant for small companies, large businesses, or personal communication. In the case of international companies or business contacts speaking different languages, messages need to be recorded in different languages.

At large companies, a caller is often asked to select an option from a menu after they have heard the ‘greeting’. For example, they may be connected through to a particular office (to a single telephone or, in the case of a hotline connection, to a group of telephones), or they may be able to perform certain company functions themselves using the keypad (for example requesting telephone support, information, or the following up of an order etc.) If all the staff members are on the telephone at that moment, the caller is asked to wait with a ‘call queuing message’.

Of course, the answering machine can simply be used to enable the caller to leave a message.

However, for every telephone message, what matters is that a recording should be as pleasant as possible. After all, the answering machine or the recorded message reflects the company’s level of professionalism, even if the company in question is a small family business.

Outside opening hours, the answering machine can also transmit information about the company’s services and current product developments and the company’s website address can also be provided.

When automatic answering machines are used during call queuing, the message can be transmitted in a way that is both pleasant and informative – and this may include, for example, providing music to entertain the caller while they are waiting.     


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